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1. How does the process work?

To see how our process works, click here.

2. Who do I pay for shipping you or the furniture company?

Each company is different. Depending on the arrangement of the shipping company, you will either pay them up front or pay us on delivery.

3. What about customs and duties?

To download customs information, click here.

4. How long does it take to get delivered?

Shipping times vary by originating location and destination location. Shipments can take up to 15 business days to be delivered. Shipments can be delayed if the store does not have the item in stock and it has to be ordered in.

5. What happens if the furniture is damaged?

It the item is damaged, please contact us to fill out a claims form.

6. What happens if order is incorrect?

You will have to contact the furniture store. We are only responsible for the delivery of the product.

7. What happens if I wish to return the product?

You will have to contact the furniture store in regards to returning the product. Shipping charges are non refundable.

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