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Step 1 - A Customer Makes A Request

The order process starts with you contacting the merchant, informing them that Cross Border can ship the furniture that you purchased from their location to your home. If you prefer, you may contact us and we can start the process by contacting the furniture store, informing them about our services.

Step 2 - The Store Sets Up Shipping

Once the furniture store is on board, you will have to finalize the purchase of the product. Depending on how the product store has shipping set up, you will either pay them for the shipping charges, or you will pay us directly for the shipping charges. Once full payment is made on both the furniture and the shipping charges, the store will contact us providing us with product information, furniture pickup address, and furniture delivery address.

Step 3 - Product is Picked Up from Furniture Store

Once everything is confirmed we will pick up your purchase at the location identifiedon the specified date. Once picked up the furniture will then be warehoused and then transfered onto a truck which will be going to your province or state.

Step 4 - Product is Delivered to Customer

Once the product arrives in your province or state, we will then transfer it to one of our secure facilities, to be later transfered to a smaller truck for delivery to your home. We will contact you to arrange a delivery that is suitable for you.

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